EDP Documentation Reviewed by Township of North Stormont

The Township retained their engineer Morrison Hershfield to perform a review of the provided documentation from EDP.  As part of the REA process, the municipality and the public had the opportunity to review and provide comment on all the documentation submitted to the Ministry.  Once the documentation was submitted to the Ministry, it had been posted on the Environmental Registry for review and further public comments.

The review by Morrison Hershfield used a checklist for complete REA applications.  The checklist was used to evaluate the documentation provided.  Attached is the full list of comments.  The review also considered the effects that the project could have on municipal interests and infrastructure.

The review also identified some gaps within the information.  This included the lack of review on potable water sources, potential impacts on prime agricultural lands, and impacts of construction on municipal infrastructure.  Full details are in the attached report.

Big Wind Documentary

“Big Wind” explores the conflict over the controversial development of industrial wind turbines in Ontario. It is a divisive issue that at times pits neighbour against neighbour, residents against corporations, and the people against their government. Click on the link or photo below to watch the informative documentary.

Big Wind


WIND RUSH Documentary

In the new documentary film WIND RUSH, produced for CBC Doc Zone by Toronto’s 90th Parallel Productions, the battleground for the pro and anti wind forces is southern Ontario.

Driving by a wind farm, looking at the rural houses, it’s easy to be skeptical about the talk of wind turbines making people sick. We’re told that wind turbines are good and green. So how could those people living by them have an issue?

But there is a problem—and it’s there because some governments and wind companies didn’t do their homework before installing megawatt after megawatt of huge industrial machines. And as a result there are people living among the turbines who are suffering.

WIND RUSH documentary

Green Energy or Illusion?

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Down Wind – Wind Farm Documentary

By Surge Media Canada, produced Feb. 18, 2015. It is an explosive documentary that examines Ontario’s controversial rush into wind farm development.

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