Welcome to our revamped web-site, “Concerned Citizens of North Stormont” with a new interactive ‘MAP’ tab that allows you to zoom in on the locations of turbines and residences within 1.5 kms.

Background Information:

We are a grass-roots citizens group who are vigorously opposed to the construction of Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT) proposed within our Municipality. Our goal, through this site, is to keep residents informed of the current issues surrounding this debate, such as the negative impact on human health, natural environment, wildlife and habitat and the impact on the community as a whole.
On March 10th, 2016 the Government of Ontario, through IESO (Independent Electrical System Operator) announced that the wind proponent EDP (Energias de Portugal) was granted a contract to build approximately 30 to 50 wind turbines on lands owned by approximately 40 landowners in our community. This came about after strong opposition from the residents as well as a vote by our elected officials to remain a Non-Willing Host.

The process for evaluating and approving large renewable projects has failed on both transparency and accountability. NationRise scored zero on all key rated criteria, including abutting landowner support, community support and First Nations support, yet the government approved it regardless. It made a mockery of the principle of consultation.

The REA Process:

In late July, 2017, the wind proponent, EDPR, had completed their community consultations and submitted their Renewable Energy Application (REA) to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) for processing.

To review final documents see EDP’s site: nationrisewindfarm.com… Final-150826.pdf see EDP’s site: nationrisewindfarm.com. Scroll down and click on ‘Project Documents to review the project materials. To review proposed site locations check out our new MAP tab or find them within:  https://s3.amazonaws.com/Citations/nationrise/800916-CAMO-T-01-C+Nation+Rise+Site+Considerations-Final-150826.pdf

The EBR Process:

The Environmental Approvals Branch Registry
In mid-November, 2017, the Environmental Approvals Branch Registry ( a division of the MOECC) provided an opportunity for the public to respond to the proposed Nation Rise Wind Farm. The 45 day comment period (extended to 59 days) was for the public to review the proposal and provide comments and input directly to the ministry.
See: www.ebr.gov.on.ca and enter EBR Registry #013-1674
As a result, the Ministry received a total of 240 comments. 75 in writing; 165 online.
To view all comments, click on the registry number on the left side of the page. Comments clearly demonstrated the public’s vehement opposition to this proposal.

Judicial Review:

In a province in which the government and industry are expected to put “safety” as a top priority, the Concerned Citizens of North Stormont and the Citizens Group of La Nation have joined forces with two other southern Ontario wind opposition groups to compel the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) to enforce its own guidelines, meant to protect human health from excessive industrial wind turbine noise. An application for Judicial Review was filed against the MOECC in Divisional Court in Toronto on January 23, 2018, by legal counsel, Toronto lawyer, Eric Gillespie.

Highlights of this application include:
-MOECC has established requirements limiting industrial wind turbine project noise emissions to a maximum of 40 dBA for non-participating residences
-MOECC has acknowledged the noise modeling previously undertaken leads to errors
-MOECC has developed Transition Provisions- proponents can opt to or not apply, notwithstanding that these errors are now recognized and accepted by MOECC
-five LRP 1 Projects in Ontario are affected
-all 5 LRP 1 proponents opted NOT to correct these errors
-the majority of proposed turbine sites are “out of compliance”
-MOECC has erred in law by failing to require or obtain any evidence that LRP 1 projects were unable to address errors known and accepted (with respect to noise)
-MOECC has erred in law by failing to meet legitimate expectations of residents in communities affected regarding regulatory and noise modeling processes to be followed
-MOECC has erred in law by negligently misrepresenting the regulatory standard of 40dBA and impact of that standard by permitting LRP 1 projects to proceed as they are
-As a result, residents in the communities affected by LRP 1 projects have suffered damages

REA Approval:

Late Friday evening, May 4, 2018, just two business days before closing of Parliament, the MOECC announced approval of the Nation Rise Wind Project. Several conditions were attached to the approval. See:

The legal challenge continues. Please visit our Facebook page where a “GoFundMe” page has been set up. Further fund-raising events are planned in the coming days. The Facebook page called Stop Wind Turbines in North Stormont. It can be accessed by clicking on the Facebook Icon found on most of our web pages. It contains newer articles and often has breaking news.

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