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  • Read about issues surrounding Industrial Wind turbines. Ask questions. Check this website and our Facebook group on a regular basis.
  • Make the effort to identify issues and concerns with the EDP Renewable Energy Application. Report them to us and then to the MOECC during the public consultation period.
  • Support our efforts to help you. Attend public meetings. Educate family, friends and your contacts about our cause and information on related websites.
  • Write letters to government officials and local newspapers to express your views. (See email addresses under LINKS).
  • Become a member of Wind Concerns Ontario and receive current and reliable information on issues related to Industrial Wind Turbines.
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See EDP’s site: nationrisewindfarm.com. Scroll down and click on ‘Project Documents’ to review the project materials.

As of late July 2017, EDP has finished their community consultations and submitted their Renewable Energy Application (REA)  to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) for processing. We should be prepared for it to be posted imminently on the Environmental Registry found at www.ebr.gov.on.ca .  During this minimum 30 day consultation period, (the Director MOECC in practice has posted for 45 days or longer for large or complex projects) the public can review the proposal notice and provide comments directly to the MOECC  about the application. All comments submitted during the comment period must be considered by the MOECC so we encourage each and every resident of North Stormont to use your contacts, expertise and the knowledge you have gained as a resident to inform the MOECC of issues, concerns and especially of any technical deficiencies that may exist with the NatiionRise documentation.

EDP is required to notify the public that the application is under review and to post all final submitted documents to their website at  nationrisewindfarm.com within 10 days of the proposal being posted to the Environmental Registry. Applicants are required to publish a notice in similar locations to those required for other project notices including newspapers with general circulation in the local municipality. Please use the contact page of this website should you see such a posting. Our work is not done. With your support we still have a chance.